Datasumi is thrilled to have been acknowledged by the esteemed Crown Commercial Service as a top-tier public sector supplier in the United Kingdom, specializing in Digital Outcomes 6 (DOS6) RM1043.8. This accolade showcases the relentless efforts and dedication of our proficient team in crafting innovative solutions, purpose-built for the public sector.

Our unwavering dedication to delivering superior service has been endorsed by the CCS, reflecting our competency in devising secure and successful solutions for our clients. Gaining recognition from the CCS opens doors to procurement possibilities with esteemed organizations like the Department for Education, the Department of Health and Social Care, and the Home Office.

Digital Outcomes 6 (DOS6)

Digital Outcomes 6 (DOS6)
Digital Outcomes 6 (DOS6)

Public Sector Services

9 November 2022: Datasumi is delighted to have been named a supplier on Crown Commercial Service's (CCS) Digital Outcomes 6 (DOS6) RM1043.8 Marketplace. This will enable the government and public sector to design, build and provide clearly defined bespoke digital projects and services, using an agile approach.

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is revolutionising public sector procurement with the groundbreaking Digital Outcomes 6 (DOS6) RM1043.8 framework, offering unrivalled value in purchasing standard goods and services. This innovative framework provides the UK public sector with seamless and efficient access to cutting-edge software technologies over the next five years, with DOS6 ensuring rapid procurement of tailored software solutions to meet specific requirements.

Sevag Balkorkian, Director of Datasumi, remarked, "Being part of CCS's Digital Outcomes 6 is a fantastic opportunity to showcase our state-of-the-art technology and streamline public sector purchasing. CCS has acknowledged our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional quality and service, and we are excited to join the nation's leading suppliers. We are devoted to maintaining the highest standards and providing the best products and services to our public sector clients."

Attaining Digital Outcomes 6 (DOS6) RM1043.8 framework approval through CCS not only emphasizes our cutting-edge technology capabilities but also streamlines procurement processes for our public sector partners. This prestigious recognition highlights our relentless dedication to delivering top-quality products and services, positioning us among the most reputable suppliers in the country.

We are immensely proud of this achievement and are committed to upholding excellence in providing market-leading services and products to the public sector. As an organization focused on delivering reliable and effective solutions, we eagerly anticipate the myriad of milestones G-Cloud 13 will present for us.

This accomplishment also promotes growth and innovation, allowing us to exhibit our expertise within the public sector and contribute to a brighter future through our advanced technology solutions. It solidifies our status as a trustworthy partner for government and public organisations, enabling them to leverage off-the-shelf and pay-as-you-go cloud solutions to improve their operations and make a lasting positive impact on society.

The Digital Outcomes framework, a government digital marketplace, has transformed procurement of public sector digital services in the UK and further facilitated access to government contracts. It has provided customers with greater choice to achieve the best value for money by offering a simpler way to identify and procure solutions and service providers, without the need for an intensive and expensive tendering process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6 (DOS6)? Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6 (DOS6) is a framework established by the UK government for the procurement of digital services via the Digital Marketplace. It facilitates organizations, especially public sector entities, to find pre-vetted companies providing digital outcomes, digital specialists, and user research services.

  • What is the RM1043? RM1043 is the reference number for the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 6 framework, as provided by the Crown Commercial Services (CCS).

  • How can suppliers join the DOS6 framework? Suppliers can apply to join the DOS6 framework through the Digital Marketplace during the application window. They must provide required information and agree to the framework's terms and conditions. Upon successful evaluation and acceptance, suppliers will be listed on the Digital Marketplace.

  • Is DOS6 only for public sector organizations? Although DOS6 primarily targets public sector organizations, other organizations, particularly those with a focus on digital services, can use the platform to find suppliers.

  • Can customers search for suppliers on DOS6? Yes, customers can use the Digital Marketplace to easily search for and filter through suppliers that offer digital services matching their requirements.

  • What types of services can be procured through DOS6? DOS6 covers various digital services, such as digital outcomes, digital specialists, and user research. Examples include web and app development, project management, data analysis, and user research planning and execution.

  • Are DOS6 suppliers limited to the UK? DOS6 mainly caters to the UK market. However, the framework also includes suppliers from the wider-European Economic Area and other regions. It is important for buyers to verify supplier information and confirm their compliance with local laws and regulations.

  • How long does the DOS6 framework last? Each iteration of the DOS framework usually lasts for about 12 months. Suppliers need to reapply to join subsequent iterations to continue being a part of the framework.

  • How do public sector organizations procure services through DOS6? Public sector organizations can follow the buying process outlined in the DOS6 buyer's guide on the Digital Marketplace, which involves specifying their requirements, searching and evaluating suppliers, and awarding the contract to the selected supplier.

  • Is competition among suppliers allowed in DOS6? Yes, competition is encouraged as part of the procurement process. Buyers can assess suppliers based on their proposed solutions and capabilities, pricing, and other relevant factors to select the best fit for their projects.

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